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This is a wish list were you can collect ideas and note some to do's for further development of AWF-Wiki. Feel free to add headings or structure wherever needed! Please sign with ~~~ at the end of your entry!


Technical issues / Extensions



  • Add a category for project descriptions and develop a suitable template
  • Add "special topics" category and link it on the portal page
    • Add a special topic on MRV in context of REDD including a clear definition of information needs arising from IPCC guidelines. In this context: try to set up a 'How to' section on planning forest inventories (general guidelines). Fehrmann

Forest Inventory

  • An introduction page for the FI lecture notes (with content tree)Fehrmann
  • Extending the Glossary. Fehrmann
  • An article on the estimation of changes (e.g. carbon stocks) and the related challanges. Fehrmann

Forest Mensuration

  • An Introduction page for FM lecture notes (with content tree)Fehrmann
  • Preparing detailed descriptions and small user guide for all relevant measuring devices (including photos and practical examples). Fehrmann
  • Tree height: add some more special cases and examples (pictures) for tree height measurements (only the simple cases are presented up to now!). Fehrmann
  • New figures for geometrical and trigonometrical height measurement (file size of given pictures too large!). Fehrmann

Remote Sensing

  • Starting the remote sensing lecture notes!!! Fehrmann


  • Now that we want to base articles on lots of references:
    a [[Citation needed]] template would be fine! - Levent (talk)
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