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How to contribute to AWF-Wiki?

AWF-Wiki is a scientific platform for sharing information, knowledge and expertise in the context of forest inventory and remote sensing. The intention is to find a community that ensures a high quality of content in this Wiki. As an interested scientist or student in the scientific fields that are covered by AWF-Wiki, we highly appreciate if you ask for invitation. You will then get an account and can contribute by editing articles or creating new content. Reading and downloading our content is possible without account.

Ask for invitation to AWF-Wiki

As AWF-Wiki is fairly young and just starts to grow, the number of administrators (Sysops) that have rights to create accounts is limited. For the time being you can ask for an account here. It would be nice (but not mandatory!) if you provide some information about you:

  • Your name (if you like),
  • if you are scientist oder student please tell us your your special fields of interest / expertise in Forest Science or related fields (e.g. Forest Inventory or Remote Sensing).

You will receive an mail with a initial password to the mail address provided.

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