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About AWF-Wiki
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AWF-Wiki is a platform for sharing information, knowledge and expertise in the fields of forest mensuration, forest inventory and remote sensing. It was initiated by the Chair of Forest Inventory and Remote Sensing at the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Germany to extend academic offers to students and interested scientists. At the beginning it was planned to implement lecture notes in the mentioned scientific fields and to cultivate an appropriate structure of this Wiki for additional content in other categories.

Categories in AWF-Wiki

Content in AWF-Wiki is organized in different main categories. You can browse to the different main topics in the given categories below, use the search function in the tool bar to search for special articles or keywords or look up the glossary.


  • NEW! Video Tutorials on YouTube: we have launched a AWF-YouTube channel to share video tutorials as supplementary material to our lecture "Monitoring of Forest Resources"
  • For self-teaching purposes in times of the current Corona crisis, please make use of our Forest Inventory lecture notes and other resources!
  • A glossary for forest inventory and statistical sampling.


Some early contributions to AWF-Wiki were only possible because of financial support from tuition fees allocated by the Faculty of Forest Science and Forest Ecology, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Germany in 2012. Since then our project receives no financial support.

Did you know that we implemented an extension that allows you to compile articles in a collection, to structure and download them as PDF? You can find the function in the left toolbar ("Create a book"). Please feel free to create your own lecture notes! read more

Start a new page!

Input a title for your new page and create an article! You can learn how to create articles here. Before you start please check whether the topic already exists by searching for keywords!

How to participate

To contribute to AWF-Wiki (actively write or edit articles) you need to have an account. You don't need an account to read our content and everybody is invited to do so and make use of our resources! It is not possible for external users to create an account on their own. If you like to contribute to this project, please ask for an account!

AWF-Wiki currently has 65 registered users, contains 2,154 articles and counted 6,805,537 page hits

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