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Purpose of AWF-Wiki

AWF-Wiki is a platform for sharing information, knowledge and expertise in the context of forest inventory, natural resources assessment and remote sensing. The idea to create a Wiki for the special scientific fields covered here came up in 2009. The vision behind this initiative is to create a new and more interactive form of knowledge reference for our students at the Chair of Forest Inventory and Remote Sensing at the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen. AWF-Wiki should also give them the possibility to contribute to our lecture notes or helping each other by giving examples or comments on the discussion pages that exist for every article. Even if our target group are at first students and alumni from Göttingen, the content might also be useful for external users. Lutz Fehrmann

AWF-Wiki and education

We will use AWF-Wiki to provide our lecture notes on forest inventory, forest mensuration and remote sensing in future. The basic idea is to integrate students as much as possible and to provide actual and reliable up-to-date content. We will enable the possibility to print (or download) the content from different categories as pdf file, so that students can create their own lecture notes. Further, all students who have an account will have the possibility to edit pages and also add new content. This opens the possibility for own contributions to this platform. As all students can probably also benefit after their studies in Göttingen we hope that this place will be developed to a sustainable source of information that will also be used by our alumni.

Financial support


Students in Lower Saxony have to pay tuition fees that are partly used as financial contribution to enhance the quality of teaching or for additional offerings by their home university. We apply for financial support by tuition fees to our project on a regular basis. These small contributions are e.g. used to contract student assistants that helps us to put our content online. We are very grateful for this support and confident that we invest it in order to maximize our offers to students in a meaningful manner! You can find an overview of articles created partially under this support in the Category:funded by tuition fees.

However, most content in AWF-Wiki is still created by a small group of users on a voluntary basis.

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