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Dr. Lutz Fehrmann

Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
Faculty of Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology
Chair of Forest Inventory and Remote Sensing

Büsgenweg 5
37077 Göttingen

Special fields of interest

  • Forest inventory / Assessment of natural resources
  • Estimation of forest biomass
  • Issues of statistical sampling in forestry
  • Distance sampling and optimization of response designs
  • MRV for REDD+

My contribution to AWF-Wiki

I initiated the AWF-Wiki project in 2009. Basis for the idea to create a Wiki on Forest Inventory and Remote Sensing came up during my working experience in an IT enterprise, where a Wiki platform was used for the documentation of software products and to share knowledge on software development with the customers. Having this idea in mind i was quite confident that a Wiki might serve as additional resource and knowledge reference for students and might also attract other scientists. Unfortunately Wikipedia as the most famous Mediawiki installation, is only of limited use in this context, as students need in depth explanations and examples what doesn't really fit into the conventions for articles in Wikipedia. Therefore i decided to create a special Wiki for our purpose. The initial content in this Wiki is limited to some lecture notes so far, but we have good hope that our resources will become relevant and helpful for our students in future. I like to see it as a contribution to sustainable capacity building and hope we find the resources to extend and enhance this offer over the next years.

I am highly grateful to the MediaWiki contributors!

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