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This is a headline

This is a place to try out! Content will be deleted periodical! You can find an extern sandbox at Metawiki (Shift + click opens a seperate window!) that you can use too. You can also find a lot of help pages there!

Play up! (click "edit" on the right and create any content. Clean up a little bit before leaving this place)

Referencing equations

By - Levent (talk). Trying to reference equations like on Wikipedia. Click section #Equation reference to see if it works.

$E=mc^2$ 1

Test für eine sortierbare wikitable (Test)

header 1 header 2 header 3
row 1, cell 1 row 1, cell 2 row 1, cell 3
row 2, cell 1 row 2, cell 2 row 2, cell 3

Test for the relascope article table

Short feature description
Scale name description
Ts 20 (Tangent scale) Height measurement


This is a link to google maps. see pirilongwe Forest Reserve at GoogleMaps

Ein Testartikel von Levent

Grüne Wellensittiche sind die einzigen Sukkulenten, die Eier legen

Eine Überschrift

Schön, mit Umlauten hat man schonmal keinen Streß. Jetzt kommt ein Zeilenumbruch.

Das hier ist die nächste Zeile. Italienischer Text Dreister Text dreister italienischer Text

Jetzt ein Strich

Einige Fakten über grüne Wellensitiche

  1. Beisst man einem grünen Wellensitich (g.W.) morgens in den Flügel, schmeckt er sauer
    • Das liegt an der im Flügel gespeicherten Äpfelsäure
  2. Beisst man einem g.W. abends in den Flügel, schmeckt er basisch
  3. Trifft Sonnenstrahlung auf einen g.W., so entstehen Traubenzucker und Schatten. Das beweist, dass g.W.'e Photosynthese betreiben.

Template experiments

This is a typed text, like something you would pass to a console.

Attention.png Attention!: 

lets see how this template gets along with other templates

sudo gobbledegook blah_blah -w -t -f aWkward/ComBinationOf/mixedCase/underscores_strokes/and.dots This...phrase NeedsToBe much_longer

Some tests of the new mathjax extension

Since math is not part of the Mediawiki 1.19 installation, we had to change to the extension MathJax to render formulas. Here are some tests\[y^2+2x=3\]


math elements are centered by default, but if you substitute them by $ formulas are aligned left.

\(G_i=10000*\frac{n_i*\frac{\pi}{4}*{d_i}^2}{\pi* \frac{{d_i}^2}{4*\left(\mbox{sin }\frac{\alpha}{2}\right)^2}}=10000*n_i*\left(\mbox{sin}\frac{\alpha}{2}\right)^2\)


A <- read.table("", sep=",",
                col.names=c("year", "my1", "my2"))
nrow(A)                                 # Count the rows in A
summary(A$year)                         # The column "year" in data frame A
                                        # is accessed as A$year
A$newcol <- A$my1 + A$my2               # Makes a new column in A
newvar <- A$my1 - A$my2                 # Makes a new R object "newvar"
A$my1 <- NULL                           # Removes the column "my1"
# You might find these useful, to "look around" a dataset --
library(Hmisc)          # This requires that you've installed the Hmisc package

Link to external source

Equation reference

For that famous Einstein equation see 1. Blablabla.

Sophie Test


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