Radiometric calibration with SNAP

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  • Download a Sentinel-2 Level 1C tile from ESA's Copernicus Open Access Hub web service: Downloading Sentinel-2 images.
  •  !Unzip the downloaded compressed product file!
  • Start SNAP Desktop.
  • File --> Open Product.... Browse to the unzipped product folder and open the metadata file MTD_MSIL1C.xml.
  • Optical --> Thematic Land Processing --> Sen2Cor Processor --> Sen2Cor 280
  • Specify the Processing Parameters:

A first run will be made with 60m pixel resolution (takes ca. 5-10 minutes). Topographic normalization is activated with DEM correction: TRUE. For DEM directory specify a folder where dem files are stored.

Snap sen2cor params.png

  • Check Display execution execution report on. Run...
  • Compare Output Product with Original Product. Mark the Original Product Name in Product Explorer Right Click Open RGB Image Window --> Sentinel-2 MSI Natural Colors. OK. Repeat for the Output Product.
  • Window --> Tile horizontally
  • Check View --> Synchronize Image Cursors and View --> Synchronize Image Views. Zoom and Pan.
  • Activate a map view by clicking into the canvas of the Original Product. Click Mask Manager tab on the right.
  • Check the mask layers opaque_clouds and cirrus_clouds in the Mask Manager.

Snap mask overlay.png

  • Click into the map canvas of the Ouput Product. Click Mask Manager tab on the right.
  • Check the mask layers scl_cloud_shadow, scl_cloud_medium_proba, scl_cloud_high_proba, scl_thin_cirrus in the Mask Manager.

Snap mask overlay2.png

  • For second run choose in Processing Parameters: Spatial Resolution: 10 (m). Be patient, processing takes some time ...
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