Installation of SNAP

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  1. Download current SNAP Version 8.0.0.
  2. Choose the correct installer for your Operating System containing Sentinel Toolboxes (Windows-64-Bit> Sentinel Toolboxes > Main Download)

Snap download.png

  • If running on Windows 10, mark downloaded snap installer in file explorer, right click and run as Administrator.
  • Follow the installation wizard and accept all default settings. No need to configure using snap with python (executable), which can be done later if needed.
  • Start SNAP Desktop. Install the proposed plugin updates.
  • Install an additional plugin for radiometric calibration of Sentinel-2.

Menu --> Tools --> Plugins --> Available plugins.

Snap sen2cor install.png

  • Check Sentinel-2 SEN2COR280 Processor. Click Install. Check Restart now. Finish.
  • After restarting SNAP Desktop go to Tools --> Manage External Tools. Double click the line Sen2Cor 280.
  • Click the Bundled binaries tab. Select the right bundle for your operating system.
  • Click Download and Install Now. Restart SNAP Desktop.
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