Wg meeting 18.03.2011

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General issues

  • Layout: Please check the print-layout of your articles! Many articles doesn't look nice in PDF! Eventually convert some figures to thumbnails!

Forest inventory lecture notes

  • Where are we, what is still missing?
  • Copyright issues: need for new figures!
  • Printout sequence as Collection? -> Florian
  • Glossar für statistische Begriffe (Terms and Definitions) -> Florian / Lutz

Forest mensuration lecture notes

  • Description of devices: A small guide on how to use instruments would be nice (including fotos)!-> Levent?
  • Wiki will be used for Bachelor lectures in the summer term.

QGis Tutorial

  • Template Tutnav ok?
  • Update of collection (for printout) necessary?
  • Should we compile a PDF version for download (see technical issues)?
  • Should course data be provided in the Wiki?
  • More figures for the given exercises!

Technical issues

  • All figures are raster files (sometimes with bad quality). We should allow uploading .svg (vector)-formats. What is necessary? ->Nils?
  • Upload of other file formats: PDF? Course data for QGis tutorial?

*Format of tables is still very heterogeneous! We should all use the same template for tables!

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