Wg meeting 05.09.2011

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  • Local pdf render server is broken (since yesterday). We switched to the public Wikimedia server for the moment. > Problem solved, we switched back to the local server one hour ago!

General issues

  • Information about new extensions Special:Version.
  • How to integrate more students?
  • Should we include test questions for the students? ->Yes!
  • Some templates have changed (e.g. exercises and info box) because of some conflicts with the category tree. They are now smaller and more clean. What do you think? -> Accepted!
  • Breadcrumb extension is switched of -> Accepted!

QGIS tutorial

  • Upload of course data: which file formats are necessary (is zip. enough)? ->Yes!
    • Course data should be updated before winter term! -> Levent / Nils / Hans
  • How to organize the download page? (already done, is it ok like this?) ->Yes!
  • template for QGIS version on every tutorial page? How to do this?
  • Usability of header tabs? What do you think? -> Accepted!
  • Update of collection (for printout) necessary? -> Levent?

Forest mensuration

  • A lot of work in the section on measurement devices!!! Who will care for that? -> Florian?

Forest Inventory

  • What about the collection, we like to print it!!! -> Florian?

Remote sensing lecture notes

  • Where to start?
    • Is a glossary a good starting point? see Forest Inventory Glossary -> Yes!
    • Is there any content available? (slides?)
    • Or should we start from scratch (using literture)?
  • personal resources: Who knows someone who like to contribute?

Special issues?

  • Should we implement a category on special issues? There are many topics that would not fit in our lecture notes (e.g. MRV, REDD, ...).
  • Should we add a section for the Forest Day 5 Workshop?
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