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Quantum GIS includes the “GPS Tools” plugin connecting Quantum GIS with Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers for example the Garmin devices. This feature offers you the possibility to download or upload waypoints, routes and tracks.
Please enable the GPS tools plugin using Plugins → Plugin Manager.

Download from GPS receiver

With the help of the download option of the QGIS GPS plugin you can visualize tracks and waypoints that were registered outside.

  1. Connect your GPS device with the computer.
  2. Open the GPS plugin.
  3. Click Download from GPS
  4. Set the port to “com” or “usb”.
  5. Select the feature type.
  6. Enter a name for the output file and select a folder where you save your data.
  7. Enter a name for the layer.
  8. Click OK
  9. Afterwards the layer will be shown in Quantum GIS.

If you download or upload data from your GPS receiver, coordinates will automatically be reprojected from WGS84 /latitude, longitude to your custom spatial reference system and vice versa, respectivly. Now you may convert the gpx file to the format shape file for easy data transfer to different GIS software.

  1. Right click on the layer
  2. Click Save as shapefile
  3. Enter a name for the shapefile (waypoints.shp) and choose a folder where you save the layer.
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