Preprocessing Sentinel-2 with SNAP

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Reading a Sentinel-2 tile

  1. Download a complete Sentinel-2 tile from ESA Open Access Hub (see Downloading Sentinel-2 images).
  2. Start SNAP Desktop
  3. File --> Open Product... Browse to the compressed Sentinel-2 zip file. Open or drag and drop the zip file from Windows File Explorer into the SNAP Product Explorer tab.
  4. Click on the plus sign of the file name in Product Explorer. Unfold Metadata and Bands.

Snap product explorer.png

Displaying a Sentinel-2 tile

  1. Mark the file name in the Product Explorer. Right click Open RGB Image Window). In the Profile drop-down list select Sentinel 2 MSI False Colour Infrared. OK

Snap band select rgb.png


The spatial resolution of all satellite bands should be resampled to a unique pixel size (10m) to simplify the processing workflow. Raster --> Geometric --> Resampling. Open the Resampling Parameters tab. Define size of resampled product: check by reference band from source product. Select B2 from drop down list. Run.


Spatial subset

  • Mark the file name of the resampled product from previous work step in Product Explorer.
  • Raster --> Subset..
  • Left click in the preview of the Specify product subset dialog.
  • In the Spatial Subset tab draw a box on top of the preview image and move it to your region of interest.
  • Make a note of Pixel Coordinates and (Geographical)' Geo Coordinates if you want to repeat this step with other acquisiton dates of the same tile.

Snap specify subset.png

Spectral subset

  • In Band Subset tab click Select none and then check only the multispectral Reflectance Bands (B2,B3,B4,B5,B6,B7,B8,B8A,B11,B12). OK.

Snap specify band subset.png

Write to permanent file

Mark the subset file name in Product Explorer. File --> Export --> GeoTIFF. Click Export Product.

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