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Welcome to AWF-Wiki community!

Here is the shortest explanation of how this wiki works ever. To get in touch with this medium you can try out in the Sandbox. What you need is an idea of how to edit text and create new pages. If you want to edit an article click "edit" in the headline, make your changes and save the article (you can test your edits first with "show preview").

Here are the most simple examples of text syntax:

Syntax Headlines
==Headline== Main headline
===Headline=== Second Order
====Headline==== Third Order (and so on)
Syntax Formatting text
'''bold''' bold
''italic'' italic
Syntax Links
[[Link]] internal Link (is red if the article is not jet written)
[[Link|Linktext]] interner Linktext (Link with different text)
[ Link] external Link

If you want to write a new article, you can search for it (enter the name in the searchbox and click Go). Please try out if there is a similar article by using the button "Search" to avoid to write similar articles twice. If it not exists, you can create it. Yes, it's that simple! Sure, there are more possibilities that would need some more time to explain, but to give you a first idea this is enough!

You can find more detailed help for editing here.

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