Co-registration with SNAP

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  • Start SNAP Desktop
  • File --> Open Product... Browse and mark UAS ortho mosiacs. \geodata\uas\clip_ebee_ortho_align.tif is the master image and \geodata\uas\clip_mavic_ortho_align.tif is the slave image. Open or drag and drop marked files from Windows File Explorer into the SNAP Product Explorer tab.
  • Mark the slave image clip_mavic_ortho_align.tif in ToC. Raster --> Subset --> Band Subset. Check only band_1.

Snap specify band subset band 1.png

  • Repeat this step for band_2 and band_3 creating separated single bands of the slave image .
  • Raster --> Geometric operations --> GeFolki Co-registration.
  • Define I/O Parameters and Processing Parameters:

Snap gefolki io.png Snap gefolki params.png

  • Click Run.
  • Repeat this step for band_2 (subset_1) and band_3 (subset_1). Adjust processing parameters for each band, accordingly.
  • Create a stack of all coregistered single bands. Raster --> Geometric operations --> Collocation

Snap collocation.png

  • Raster --> Data Conversion --> Convert Datatype
  • Check Save as and select GeoTIFF from drop downlist

Snap datatype io.png Snap datatype params.png

  • Load clip_ebee_ortho_align.tif, clip_mavic_ortho_align.tif and collocate_Cnv.tif into QGIS and check the geometric quality of the coregistration.
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