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Pansharpening of Sentinel-2 requires defining a 10m reference band because there is no panchromatic band as for Landsat available. The only option is a selection among the 10-m bands (2, 3, 4, or 8) or synthesis (e.g. weighted average of 10-m band). Following the latter approach, the luminance can be calculated from the Blue, Red Green and NIR band to receive a single band grey scale image.

Create a synthesis panchromatic band

  1. Load the input image
  2. Open the raster calculator and apply the following formula: Y = 0.20 * NIR(B8) 0.15 * Red(B4) + 0.58 * Green(B3) + 0.07 * Blue(B1)
  1. Define path and name for the output layer
  2. Click on the ‘OK-button’.

Create a pan-sharpened layer

  1. Search for Pansharpening (Bayes) algorithm in the Processing Toolbox.
  2. Select pseudo-panchromatic band as the Input PAN Image.
  3. Select the layer contain the original 20m bands as the InputXS Image.
  4. Specify the directory to save the output file and click on the ‘Run-button’.

Compare the fused image with the original image

No pansharpen.png Pansharpen.png

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