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Remote sensing lecture notes

  • Structure of content?
    • Not too static, just numbered categories, the articles in each category do not follow a certain sequence!
    • Start with small "core" articles and extend later!
    • Articles are prepared on the respective discussion page, please just put {{construction}} on the article page. Please ask for reviews of new content to get feedback!
    • Please start to fill the given Categories (Category:Remote_sensing) with a set of empty articles (create the article and categorize it).
    • Please use meaningful titles! Titles like "Introduction" or "Historical Background" are not meaningful! Please check Wikipedia:Article_titles!

  • Division of labor: Who is doing what?
    • See internal list of chapters!

  • Which articles are already in preparation?
    • Each editor should create the articles that are in preparation: Remember that the given category names should not be used for articles in this category!

  • Which materials are available, which external sources can be used?
    • Lecture slides are available
    • External literature (copyright: follow scientific guidelines! Preparation of own figures is necessary!)
    • Create article on external web sources in Category Remote sensing! Please update this list of links and give a short description (e.g. like in the Glossary!) Done! Please use External Links

  • Develop convention on figure names and categories! (Lutz)

Technical issues

After updating to Mediawiki 1.9 we have some technical problems:

  • Internal PDF render server is not jet ready
  • Mediawiki render server has very low quality
  • Extension Headertabs is not working
  • Exclude in print is not working for some templates (e.g. guideheader)
  • Template "construction": update link to discussion page! (Lutz) Done!
  • Template for author and editor! (Lutz)
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