Wg meeting 17.01.2011

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Forest Inventory lecture notes

  • Many articles not linked!! Please check your own articles for opportunities to link to other content!
  • Some articles too long! Example: Sampling with unequal selection probabilities should be separated in single stand alone articles that are linked! Done!
  • Conventions for formulas and general design: The style of articles regarding spacing, the placement of figures etc. is very heterogeneous! Done!
  • Use of templates: Please refer to the "good practice examples" and try to use templates like there!
  • Planning: Who will enter which content? Done!
  • Titels of articles: They are appearing at the moment in alphabetical order, if the Wiki should replace the script in the long run this might not work out. solved with collection
  • Special links to articles which are from the same chapter in the script?

QGIS Tutorial

  • Report on general progress: Adaption of the tutorial to the Wiki structure
    • Splitting of articles if necessary
    • Improvement of category structure (mostly by Hans and Nils) Done!
    • Linking of pages
    • Creation of the Recommended article sequence Done!
    • Adding of “Related articles” section Done!
  • To-do list and ideas on Levent's talk page
  • Bugs and problems in the tutorial (See discussion pages)
    • Should propably be discussed in an extra QGIS-WG meeting!
  • Important: Change to QGIS version 1.6 (Copiapo) (1.5 not available anymore)

Forest Mensuration

  • Planning

Technical issues

  • PDF Render server at the gwdg?
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