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Attention.png This page has been proposed for deletion! Reason: 

Version 2012 never evolved. For the new QGIS Tutorial version see here.

This page serves as a launchpad for the new Version of the QGIS tutorial, which is less GRASS-focused, implements different Software and is more close to the actual M.Sc. lecture Remote sensing and image processing with open source software. Feel free to post on the talkpage. For further information ask our tutors

GRASS articles

Articles concerning GRASS will be moved to an own Category:GRASS tutorial which is to serve as an archive for all the GRASS contents in the old tutorial. Though GRASS is a very powerful and reasonable tool for many advanced GIS tasks, we have found better software to convey our teaching goals.

Article sequence

This is the chronologic sequence of new and updated old articles

  1. QGIS tutorial
    Page needs to be adjusted to current Software; simplify or erase the conventions
  2. Getting started
    1. QGIS for students
      All necessary information for installing QGIS is provided in this article and related articles.
    2. Plugins
      Specify which Plugins are needed for the course
    3. Orfeo toolbox for QGIS
    4. OTB-Application and Monteverdi
    5. Course data
      Download page needs to be specified
  3. Introduction to Quantum GIS
    Project settings should be covered here, may be adopted to the lecture notes; Exercises need to be removed or altered
    1. QGIS GUI
    2. QGIS toolbar
    3. Language settings
    4. Project settings
    5. Loading data
      Some Information is provided in Exercise 01
    6. Vector layer properties
    7. Raster layer properties
      Information on layer stacking must be added, which may be drawn from Exercise 17
    8. Layer clipping
    9. Attribute table
      Merge with Exercise 04, add manual on advanced search
    10. GLCF
      Add exercise on color composites? Or link to color composites (This article needs to be split into a GDAL and a GRASS part, the latter one for 'archiving reasons')
  4. Overview on GPS applications
    1. Information on On the fly projection is provided in Reprojection of vectors
      A common redirect should do.
    2. Garmin GPS driver
    3. Creating GPS waypoints
    4. Outdoors with the GPS receiver
    5. Download from GPS receiver
    6. GPS live tracking
    7. Digital Photo links with the eVIS plugin
      Update screenshots
  5. Georeferencing
    1. On the fly projection
      See above
    2. GDAL Warp
    3. Georeferencing a topographic map
    4. Georeferencing an aerial photograph
  6. Digital Elevation Model processing
    1. Creating a DEM from vector data
      GRASS components need to be removed and replaced with SRTM importer plugin
    2. The profile plugin
    3. Terrain analysis
      Rid the module of GRASS-Exercises
  7. Web Map services
    1. Load a WMS layer
      implement Exercise 13 into the article
    2. OpenStreet Map layer
    3. OpenLayers Plugin
      yet to be written
  8. Digitizing reference areas: training and test areas
    2. Creating new vector layers
    3. Configure digitizing options
    4. Digitizing
      Exercise 36 and Exercise 37 are crucial to this section, but quite long articles
      Decision between merging contents and getting rid of exercise structure?
    5. Random sampling
      Merge with Exercise 38
    6. Systematic sampling with circular sampling plots
      Merge with Exercise 39
      The script gets quite skeletal at this point; only Exercises instead of articles
    7. Construction of a regular grid merged with Exercise 40
    8. Using external information sources as reference for training site delineation
      Somehow shorten the horrible title of this article; implement Exercise 41
    9. Digitizing reference areas merged with Exercise 42
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